Spring Truck Maintenance
March 16, 2021

Getting Your Truck Ready for Spring

Written By: ProSource Diesel

Winter is starting to loosen its grip in some parts of the country, which means you can start preparing your truck for spring and warmer weather. A spring tune-up for your diesel truck starts with cleaning up any aftereffects from harsh winter weather as well as some general maintenance and repairs. It’s a great way to check up on your diesel truck parts and get your truck ready for the work and/or long road trips that spring and summer often bring.

What should you look for? Let’s find out.

Exterior Maintenance

Spring Truck Maintenance

A good place to start in getting your truck ready for spring is the exterior. Wet winter weather and salted roads can do a number on your undercarriage and exterior paint. Give your truck a thorough wash to remove debris, grime, moss, and any other accumulated dirt on the exterior and underside of your truck. Leaving dirt and grime on your truck for too long can cause corrosion. Take the opportunity to add a protective wax layer to the exterior to get you through the spring and summer. Washing the undercarriage also allows you to check for corrosion, add a rust protector if necessary, and grease anything that needs greasing.

Brakes and Tires

Spring Truck Maintenance

Another exterior maintenance point is to check up on your tires. Check your tire pressure as well as the tread wear. Examine the sidewalls for any signs of damage from traveling rough winter roads. Rotate your tires and get the alignment checked if you have any signs of pulling or a rough ride. As you rotate your tires, you can also check the brakes for signs of wear or corrosion.

Windshield Wipers

Spring Truck Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about windshield wipers, but they can take a beating in winter weather due to ice and snow. Examine the blades for cracking or abnormal wear. If you haven’t replaced them in a while, consider replacing them for the upcoming season.

Under the Hood

Spring Truck Maintenance

Take a look under the hood next and inspect all visible diesel parts such as belts, hoses, fluid levels, and the air filter. You might consider cleaning your engine as well if it has a significant buildup of dirt from bad winter weather.

Cooling System

Spring Truck Maintenance

Your cooling system is one of the most important things to check as we transition from winter weather to spring and summer weather. It works hard during the winter, but it can work equally hard in the summer with warm temperatures. Check the coolant level and inspect all the radiator hoses and the general condition of the radiator.


Spring Truck Maintenance

Your diesel truck’s batteries are another part that can take a beating during cold winter weather. The cold temperatures cause your batteries to drain faster. You can have your batteries checked at an auto parts store, or you can do it yourself with a multimeter. Clean the posts of any corrosion and make sure everything is tightly connected. Check the date of your batteries as well. If they’re over four years old and you’ve noticed your truck doesn’t seem to start as quickly or smoothly, you might consider buying new ones. Remember to always replace both batteries at once.

Oil Change

Spring Truck Maintenance

Most areas of the country experience at least three to four months of winter weather. By spring, depending on your driving habits and the oil you use, there’s a good chance it’s time for an oil change. Even if you didn’t drive much, your truck was likely exposed to a lot of moisture during winter weather, which can affect the condition of your oil after a period of time. If you live in a place with extremely cold temperatures in the winter, you might also need to change your oil weight for warmer weather.

Interior Maintenance

Spring Truck Maintenance

Spring is also a good time to clean out the interior of your truck. Your floor mats and carpets likely saw a lot of excess dirt from mud and snow. As you inspect and clean your interior, make sure to check seals around the floor, doors, and windows for signs of wear or leaking.

Drive Smart

Spring Truck Maintenance

This is less a maintenance issue and simply a reminder. One of the top reasons people buy diesel trucks is to get good fuel economy along with a lot of power. Keeping your engine properly tuned will help you get the most out of your diesel truck. The other tip is to drive smart. Don’t drive aggressively and drive at a steady speed. Consistent driving habits will go a long way towards giving you good fuel economy and keeping your engine running smoothly.

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