Early 1999 7.3L Powerstroke Parts

In 1999, Ford introduced the Super Duty F-series truck. This new truck line featured a boost in power over previous models thanks to a large air-to-air intercooler which showcased Ford’s new “charge air cooling” technology (CAC). That, along with other changes, made this second generation Powerstroke 7.3L a formidable contender in the market with output increased to 235 horsepower and an impressive 500 lb-ft of torque right off the assembly line. +Read more

While the 1999 and 2000 Super Duty trucks have the same Powerstroke 7.3L engine, the ‘99 models have a distinctive Power Stroke V-8 badge in front of front fender wells. If you have a 2000 model, you’ll find your badge at the bottom of each truck’s door panel.

How can you tell the difference between the early 1999 Powerstroke and the 1999.5 Powerstroke 7.3L? Below are some helpful guidelines.

The early ’99 Powerstroke engine has these features:

  • Smaller turbocharger with factory-installed Wicked Wheel
  • 120cc (AB code) fuel injectors
  • 2-inch intake plenums
  • 15-degree swash plate HPOP
  • One glow plug relay
  • Completely different air intake which is not interchangeable*
  • Smaller track rod mounting bolts*
  • Shallower rotors*
  • Shorter hub bearings*
  • Square front axle U bolts which go over the spring pack*
  • Different Pitman arm
  • No air intake heater (AIH)**
  • No automatic transmission fluid cooler in the radiator
  • Different size swaybar
  • No indicator light showing that cruise control is on

* Except for dual rear wheel vehicles

** Except for California models

+Read more

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