TOP TEC ATF 1200 (1 Liter) – Liqui Moly LM20018

TOP TEC ATF 1200 (1 Liter) – Liqui Moly LM20018

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TOP TEC ATF 1200 (1 Liter) – Liqui Moly LM20018


1994-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L equipped with E40D and 4R100 Transmissions
1989-2019 Dodge Cummins 5.9L 6.7L 12V 24V with 36RH 46RH 46RE 47RH 47RE 48RE 68RFE

This fluid can also be used in power steering or transfer case applications. This will depend on the vehicle and individual kits will be noted as such. If you are looking for a specific product please use the Approvals below to make the best judgment when purchasing.

We teamed up with Liqui Moly to ensure that we can offer the best products for your truck. We will only recommend the best OEM products in order to keep your truck running. When it comes to fluids, the most vital components of any complex system such as a transmission there is no room for error.

The fluids we choose meet or exceed factory specifications which will ensure that your truck will keep running for a very long time. You will also sleep well knowing you are choosing the CORRECT fluids for your application. This particular Fluid has the Ford Mercon V approval for Ford E40D and 4R100 transmissions and Chrysler ATF +4 approval for Dodge 36RH, 45RFE, 46RE, 46RH, 47RE, 47RH, 48RE, 545RFE, 68RFE Transmissions.

Fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid with modern additive technology provides high thermal stability, excellent wear protection, and correct friction behavior. Excellent low-temperature behavior. Compatible with most common seal materials.
For automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, power steering systems, and hydraulics in automotive and commercial vehicles where an ATF fluid meeting current specifications is required or recommended.


  • Highest thermal stability
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Enables a multifaceted range of applications
  • Excellent viscosity/temperature properties
  • Very good low-temperature properties
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Optimum stability to aging
  • Outstanding friction characteristics

Official Manufacturer Approvals

  • Allison C4
  • Dexron III H
  • Ford Mercon V
  • Honda ATF
  • Z1 (except CVT)
  • Hyundai SP-II
  • Hyundai SP-III
  • JASO 1-A
  • Kia SP-II
  • Kia SP-III
  • Mazda ATF M-III
  • Mazda ATF M-V
  • Mitsubishi SP-II
  • Mitsubishi SP-III
  • Nissan AT-Matic D Fluid
  • Nissan AT-Matic J Fluid
  • Nissan AT-Matic K Fluid
  • Toyota Type T-II
  • Toyota Type T-IV

Recommended for:

  • Allison TES 295
  • BMW 7045 E
  • BMW 8072 B
  • BMW LA 2634
  • BMW LT 71141
  • Caterpillar TO-2
  • Chrysler ATF +3
  • Chrysler ATF +4
  • Daimler NAG-1
  • JWS 3309 (Aisin Warner)
  • MAN 339 Typ V1
  • MAN 339 Typ Z1
  • MAN 339 Typ Z2
  • MB 236.2
  • MB 236.5
  • MB 236.6
  • MB 236.7
  • MB 236.9
  • MB 236.10
  • MB 236.11
  • MB 236.91
  • Subaru ATF
  • Voith H55.6335.XX (G 607)
  • Volvo 97340
  • Volvo 97341
  • VW G 052 162
  • VW G 052 990
  • VW G 055 025
  • ZF TE-ML 02F
  • ZF TE-ML 03D
  • ZF TE-ML 04D
  • ZF TE-ML 05L
  • ZF TE-ML 09
  • ZF TE-ML 11A
  • ZF TE-ML 11B
  • ZF TE-ML 14A
  • ZF TE-ML 14B
  • ZF TE-ML 17C


GM Transfer Case Approvals. All Transfer Cases with DEX or DEX III approval can use Liqui Moly Top Tec 1100. Auto-Trak fluid does not have a direct substitute in the Aftermarket at this time, some various schools of thoughts are applied throughout the internet and people have used various fluids with success. We recommend going for the OE Fluid should your truck call for it.

GM Transfer Case – Fluid Used

NP126 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP136 – Auto-Trak II (GM Part # 12378396)
NP149 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP203 – 30WT
NP205 – 80W90 Gear Oil
NP207 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP208 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP226 – Auto-Trak II (GM Part # 12378396)
NP231 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP233 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP236 – Auto-Trak II (GM Part # 12378396)
NP241 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP243 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP246 – Auto-Trak II (GM Part # 12378396)
NP261 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP263 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP1222 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)

Ford Transfer Case – Fluid Used

BW1345 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW1350 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW1354 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW1356 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4404 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4405 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4406 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4407 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4410 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4411 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4416 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
DANA28 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP203 – 30WT
NP205 – 80W90 Gear Oil
NP208 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP271 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP273 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)

Dodge Transfer Case – Fluid Used

NP203 – 30WT
NP205 – 80W90 Gear Oil
NP207 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP208 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP231 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP233 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP241 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP242 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP243 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP244 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP247 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP249 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP271 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)
NP273 – ATF (Dexron III or higher)

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