Alliant Power ULTRAGUARD Diesel Additive

Alliant Power ULTRAGUARD Diesel Additive

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Alliant Power ULTRAGUARD™


Universal Diesel Applications

Each 8 oz bottle treats 30 gallons of diesel fuel
Each 16 oz bottle treats 60 gallons of diesel fuel
Each 32oz bottle treats 120 gallons of diesel fuel
Each 64oz bottle treats 240 gallons of diesel fuel
Each 5 Gallon bucket treats 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel
Each 55 Gallon drum treats 27,500 gallons of diesel fuel

is an all-season, multi-functional fuel treatment that provides a complete fuel system and injector protection for all diesel engines. It is designed to improve base diesel fuel quality providing superior fuel system protection under all operating conditions.


  • Restores Engine Power, Torque, & Improves Fuel Economy
  • Increases Cetane for Improved Engine Combustion
  • Cleans Deposits & Eliminates Stiction in Common Rail Injectors
  • Removes Water by Demulsification, Stabilizes, & Protects Against Rust & Corrosion
  • Lubricates Fuel System Reducing Friction & Wear
  • Provides Anti-Gel Protection & Improves Diesel Pour Point
  • Reduces Particulates in Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems (DPF & SCR)
  • Minimizes Filter Clogging from Asphaltenes
  • Formulated using technologically advanced chemistry designed to protect the most advanced high-pressure common rail diesel fuel systems as well as conventional fuel systems.
  • Alcohol-free, compatible with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), bio-diesel (up to B20), and exhaust after-treatment emission systems (DPF & SCR).
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