Turbocharger Rebuild Kit 6.0L

This generation of Ford’s Powerstroke V-8 was prone to turbocharger problems, possibly resulting in the need for a 6.0 turbo rebuild kit. Increased spool times, diminished throttle response, and oil coking are some of the symptoms of a failing turbocharger. +Read more

With the Garrett VGT GT3782’s variable geometry design, the turbocharger’s vanes open and close to adjust the housing’s volume. This design delivers decreased spool times and better efficiency. However, the turbo vanes can get stuck open due to soot buildup, lowering throttle response.

Additionally, earlier versions of the 6.0 Powerstroke had an insufficient design for the oil drain tube. The design allowed oil to collect inside the turbo and coke, potentially causing the turbo to fail. Later versions of the engine had an improved design to remedy this issue.

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