Exhaust Components for 2007.5-2010 6.6L LMM Duramax

An exhaust is a simple system with a simple, yet vital, job. On a basic level the LMM Duramax exhaust is there to take gases expelled by the engine and funnel them to the rear of the vehicle where they can be expelled safely. A leak in something like the LMM exhaust manifold could result in gases escaping into the engine bay or even the cabin — which could cause issues for the engine itself or the vehicle’s driver.

But a modern LMM exhaust does more than just direct gases to somewhere they can be safely expelled. Those gases are actually put to work on their way out of the vehicle. Several parts of the exhaust are used to power the turbocharger. The LMM Duramax up pipe is responsible for taking hot gases from the exhaust manifold to the turbocharger, where they are used to spin the turbo’s turbine. +Read more

+Read more

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