Replace that faulty sensor in your diesel or gas vehicle with one by Zibbix. Manufactured by the same companies that supplies OEMs, Zibbix’s state-of-the-art sensors are premium quality and deliver better performance and durability than the original equipment sensors they replace. +Read more

  • Five-Year Unlimited Mile Warranty

Zibbix offers an award-winning, industry-leading five-year warranty for all its products, no matter the mileage. No fancy word-smithing, no marketing gimmicks, no fine print. Zibbix stands behind its products.

  • Modern Technology

Based on cutting-edge patents, Zibbix’s sensors use the latest technology with the same fit, form and function as original equipment.

  • Burst-Lok™ Technology

With dual static compression seals, robotic laser welds and a burst-proof sensing cell, Zibbix’s sensors will never leak pressurized media — even if they are over-pressurized or severely damaged.

  • Built to Last

Zibbix sensors use materials that are commonly used in the aerospace and commercial equipment industries. Zibbix sensors provide improved corrosion resistance by up to 10 times when compared to OE. Built to withstand the elements and the test of time, the sensors have been rigorously tested in laboratory and real-world applications.

Unbeatable prices, Sensors You Can Trust™. Get your vehicle back on the road with Zibbix’s selection of engine, transmission, exhaust, and injection sensors.

NOx Nitrogen Oxide Sensors, EBP Exhaust Back Pressure Sensors, ICP Injection Control Pressure Sensors, EOP Engine Oil Pressure Sensors, ETS Engine Temperature Sensors, TOP Transmission Oil Pressure Sensors, EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Zibbix Sensors You Can Trust

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