There are lots of turbo brands available today, but Spoologic Turbos include a variety of features that make it the clear choice for your Powerstroke, Duramax or Cummins truck. First, Data Driven Performance is the guiding principle behind Spoologic Turbo design and manufacturing. Using results from tests performed in the lab, on the street and on the strip, Spoologic makes performance turbos specifically created to boost horsepower and torque beyond OEM specs. +Read more

Second, Spooloigc turbos boast a combination of features you won’t find on other brands.

  • Custom Designed and Manufactured Wheels
    Spoologic understands that the compressor wheel is the heart of any turbo. That’s why, unlike other brands that simply buy wheels from third parties, Spoologic turbos feature lightweight billet wheels that are custom designed and built to Spoologic specifications.
  • Two-Test System
    While other brands test their turbos by simply throwing them on a truck, Spoologic uses their exclusive “Two-Test” system which includes: 1. Driving a turbo in real-life road conditions under the hood of Powerstroke, Cummins and Duramax trucks plus Actual lab testing for the kind of precise and detailed data available only under controlled laboratory conditions.
  • High Speed VSR Balancing
    Not only is each individual Spoologic component High Speed VSR Balanced, but the entire turbo is balanced again after assembly. No other brand does more to ensure perfect performance from its turbos.
  • Ceramic Coating Available
    Some Spoologic turbos even have a ceramic coating option. That helps keep temperatures down ensuring better performance and a longer life for your turbo.
  • 48 Hour Warranty Repair Guarantee
    Even with Spoologic’s industry leading design and manufacturing processes, you want to feel confident knowing the turbos are backed by a strong warranty. Spoologic guarantees your turbo will be repaired and shipped within 48 hours of receipt of your warrantied turbo. We want to get you back on the road fast, and this industry leading warranty does just that!

Even with the number of turbo brands available, it’s easy to see why Spoologic turbos are the smart choice for your truck when you’re looking for reliable, data driven performance. Get yours today.

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