Should You Buy a Turbo Rebuild Kit or a New Turbo?
November 30, 2023

Should You Buy a Turbo Rebuild Kit or a New Turbo?

Written By: ProSource Diesel

Your truck has a heart: the turbocharger. From acceleration to towing power, the turbo plays a key role in your truck’s performance, and if you want your truck to reach its full potential, a well-maintained turbo is vital. Sometimes turbo troubles undermine your truck’s performance. You generally have two solutions to turbo problems: swap it out with a new turbo or fix it with parts from a turbo rebuild kit.

You might feel tempted to replace your turbo but don’t overlook rebuild kits. These kits are a relatively new solution to turbo problems. With modern advancements, turbos are sturdier than ever; despite this, even the most advanced turbo part has the potential to malfunction. A turbo rebuild kit will allow you to fix these faulty individual parts.

Should You Buy a Turbo Rebuild Kit or a New Turbo?

Troubleshooting Turbo Problems

Here are some common turbo problems that can plague turbos.

Clogged Vanes

One of the most impressive features of some turbos is its Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) technology. This innovation changes the volume of the turbo housing by manipulating the internal vanes. When it’s functioning correctly, the VGT’s adaptability will reduce spool time, improve your turbo’s efficiency, and reliably increase or decrease turbo power.

These vanes can get clogged with soot or worn down over time, causing long-lasting damage. Clogged vanes may cause an uptick in turbo lag. A P0299 under-boost trouble code might pop up on your dashboard as these symptoms worsen.

Should You Buy a Turbo Rebuild Kit or a New Turbo?

Bearing Failure

When your bearings fail, they might violently jettison shrapnel into your turbo assembly. This causes extensive damage, and you’ll likely notice turbo failure shortly after it happens.

Oil Issues

Oil is like your turbo’s lifeblood. A turbo low on oil creates more friction, and that friction can heat your turbo, cooking it from the inside and causing total engine failure.

Should You Buy a Turbo Rebuild Kit or a New Turbo?

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Oil problems, like low oil or poor oil circulation, are usually caused by a poor factory oil drain tube. Recent design changes on turbo models have reduced oil issues, but you can still experience problems if you don’t check your oil level.

Buying a Rebuild Kit vs. Buying a New Turbo

Whether you have run into any of the above issues or any other problems leading to poor performance or turbo failure, it comes back to two options. Either you can completely replace your turbo, or you can purchase a turbo rebuild kit.

Should You Buy a Turbo Rebuild Kit or a New Turbo?

Buying a new turbo sounds like the easiest solution, but the reality isn’t as straightforward. The diesel truck market has boomed over the years and companies have flooded the market with countless varieties of turbo models.

With so many options available, finding the right turbo can be overwhelming.

Buying a turbo isn’t just confusing– it’s also expensive. Depending on its specs, a replacement turbo can cost thousands of dollars. That’s without the cost of installation.

Buying a new turbo might not seem worth it. Fortunately, you have another option. Companies like Spoologic Turbo Systems develop rebuild kits for diesel truck owners. These kits will solve most turbo troubles and save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

Turbo rebuild kits are available in unique configurations; these specialized kits range from individual parts to complete turbo rebuild kits with billet wheels, shafts, bearings, rods, and more. Spoologic rebuild kits feature accurate parts made to exact specifications and don’t include components bought from third parties.

Should You Buy a Turbo Rebuild Kit or a New Turbo?

The Spoologic brand states that all their designs are made by collecting data from several different sources. Research from the lab, strip, and street drive the design of every Spoologic Turbo Systems component.

Turbo rebuild kits have grown in popularity thanks to their ease of installation and low cost. Many kits are even built to outperform OEM components.


There are many reasons you might run into turbo problems, but these problems have solutions. Installing a turbo rebuild kit is a popular alternative to buying an entire turbo replacement. Check out Spoologic turbo rebuild kits here, alongside other diesel truck parts.

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